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Fine, sterile, one use acupuncture needles are used during treatment. Once needles are inserted there is a gentle feeling or sensation as the acupuncture points begin to work. If an area of pain is being treated, e.g. headache, points are usually chosen away from the site of the pain, often in the arms or legs. The patient is then left to relax.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views acupuncture as a system of healthcare using the energy channels of the body to treat ill health. There are thousands of these channels throughout the body and 20 of the major ones are generally used, 12 of which are directly linked to internal organs. The 'sick' channels are identified and needles are then inserted in appropriate points around the body to improve the flow. Pain can be likened to having a road block, restricting the movement of traffic, with acupuncture alleviating this congestion, allowing the traffic to flow smoothly.


If the symptoms don't have a specific source of pain, e.g. emotional issues, lack of energy, disturbed sleep, etc., the organs in most distress are treated. Organs not functioning as well as they can is another cause of slow or restricted energy movement in the body. Poorly functioning organs are a major contributor to ill health, and also pain in distant, seemingly unassociated areas of the body.

Acupuncture creates an environment in the body where its natural ability to heal can occur. It treats every patient as an individual, looking at their whole body system. Lifestyle advice is also given to help the patient become aware of how to maintain health.

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