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In every healthcare system exercise is an essential component of keeping the body healthy. Whether this is qigong, yoga, tai chi, walking, running, cycling, swimming, etc., exercise is a very helpful thing you can do, along with careful diet.


The saying is, food is medicine, medicine is food. What you put into your body creates your body. It also changes the way we process emotions. A healthy diet, for your constitution, is another huge way you can help your wellbeing. This is to say, all foods are not helpful for all people. A food that helps one person may aggravate someone else. This wise view in the older systems of healthcare gave rise to different constitutional types.


Understanding your constitutional type, incorporating appropriate foods, avoiding unhelpful foods, and doing regular exercise, are things everybody can do to contribute to maintaining their health.



The body always moves towards balance, if it can. Its natural instinct is to remain healthy, ill health arises from an inability of the body to fix itself due to an obstacle of some kind. This obstacle is often physical, but can also be emotional or mental (which may manifest itself physically).


All obstacles, and therefore all ill health, requires energy to exist. The body's energy used in this way is a detour of its resources, allowing less energy available to fix illness. Another way of looking at it is, an issue of excessive worrying for example, is diverting a large amount of the body's energy into maintaining the worry. It is helpful to realise ill health requires the body's energy to exist, in fact, it cannot exist without the use of the body's energy.


Chinese Medicine sets out to redirect this misused energy back to where it is needed, maintaining a healthy body. Acupuncture is a very effective way of doing this.

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