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Tui Na is Chinese Medicine massage. It roughly translates to push and pull, and is a manipulative therapy using the concepts of Chinese Medicine to bring the body to balance and help heal a variety of issues.


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In addition to more obvious musculoskeletal issues, Tui Na is also very good at helping the internal organs. The techniques used are gentle, subtle and effective. Tui Na can be performed with the patient fully clothed.


The combination of Acupuncture and Tui Na can be a very effective one. Tui Na techniques may be used during treatment.

Other techniques may also be used during treatment such as Tui Na, Moxa, Cupping or Electroacupuncture.



Moxibustion (Moxa) uses the dried plant Mugwort. It is lighted and used to gently heat areas of the body.  A smokeless variety is commonly used. The sensation is a very pleasant one and gives the patient a comforting sense of warmth. From a Chinese Medicine point of view it is used to nourish the internal systems of the body and improve blood flow.



Local suction is created using glass cups to mobilise stagnant areas of the body and improve blood flow. It can be helpful for deep knots and tight muscles. The cups may be moved once on the skin or remain in a single position for a few minutes. After treatment patients often comment on a feeling of relief and release from areas that were feeling tight or stuck.



This is a modern technique used to promote the action of the acupuncture needle. A small electric current, similar to that used by a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine, is passed between needles. It can be used to help release areas of tight muscles. Traditionally the acupuncturist would stimulate the needles manually producing a similar effect. Modern methods have replaced this with a simple electronic device.